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Improve your skills and change your income
  • Think like a Power Thinker

    Learn to use different Power Thinking Tools to think creatively, effectively and strategically in a structured manner even in stressful situations.
  • Master your Memory

    Master Memory techniques and learn to easily absorb and recall complex information whilst drastically reducing study time.
  • Unlock your Creativity

    Unleash your creativity and idea generation in pressurised situations by learning to relax your state of mind and by applying Creative Thinking Tools.
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Mammoth Memory, Power Thinking and Lazy Learning 

25 years ago, 2 young men graduated from the same University, they were both very alike these 2 young men, both had been average students and both grew up in Sevenoaks in Kent and went to the same school. They were both personable and as young students are they were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.  

Recently these men returned to their school for a landmark reunion. They were both still very much alike, both were happily married and both had 3 children. Both it turned out had gone to work for the same publishing company in Central London after graduation and were still there. 

But there was a difference, one of the men was the Manager of a small department of the company and the other was its Managing Director. 

Now have you ever wondered as I have what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always their natural intelligence or dedication, it isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.  

The difference lies in how each person effectively and skilfully uses their thinking skills combined with what he or she knows and their ability to retain and use critical information. 

Now I cannot promise you that you will achieve instant success with just reading Mammoth Memory, Lazy Learning and Power Thinking, but spend just 5 – 20 minutes a day mastering the thinking and learning tools and other skills learned in this powerful 3 in 1 course and you will find that success will easily follow.

Improve your skills and you change your income. Change your income and you change your life. Change your life and benefit those deserving and closest to you.  

 It's a hard fact!

There is irrefutable evidence that having strategic thinking skills, enhanced creativity and the ability to easily absorb and recall information easily coupled with a drive to succeed is directly correlated to the quality of your life. 

It determines the success of your career and personal life, the money that you make and the kind of job you have. 

Fortunately these skills can be mastered with a bit of daily practice and are not linked to high intelligence.


3 Powerful Courses for the price of one!

Mammoth Memory, Power Thinking and Lazy Learning combines 3 powerful courses (70 000 + words) that are packed with:

  • Critical information on how your brain and thinking patterns work
  • Memory enhancing and retention tools and exercises
  • Learning and studying techniques
  • Power thinking and creativity tools and exercises
  • Relaxation and stress removal techniques
  • Positive Mindset development
  • Goal setting methods and follow through


 Free Sample of our Powerful Course

Find out more about what you will learn from the course and whether you need to do the course:

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Ideal for you if you are looking to:

  • Unlock your creativity for idea generation
  • Learn strategic thinking techniques for problem solving or business planning
  • Understand how your brain works so you can maximise your brainpower
  • Gain confidence to achieve career success
  • Greatly reduce study times whilst improving memory retention
  • Learn to easily absorb complex information
  • Easily memorise names and faces of clients
  • Eradicate absentmindedness
  • Eliminate stress and be in control of your life
  • Enjoy greater success in your personal and work life

Don’t Fear Success

It’s a fact, some people do fear success – it's easier to live in mediocrity and stay stuck in a comfort zone than making a change. Deciding to take the important step towards  greater success can be difficult, but think about the rewards and the positive change success can make...

What's covered in Mammoth Memory?
  • Improving Your Visualisation
  • Using the Power of all your Senses
  • Reviving the Imagination You Had as a Child
  • Using Association as a Memory Tool
  • Stretching your Imagination
  • The Link Association Method
  • The Major Memory System
  • Remembering Names and Faces
  • See full details on the Contents Page

What's covered in Power Thinking?
  • Why is Effective Thinking so Important for Our Success?
  • The Opinion Trap
  • The Emotion Trap
  • What is Effective Thinking?
  • Why is Good Thinking Essential for Studying?
  • The Concise Structured Brainstorming Method (CSB Method)
  • Thinking Tools
  • Thought Patterns, Creativity and Lateral Thinking
  • See full details on the Contents Page

What's covered in Lazy Learning?
  • Where Do We Learn Best
  • Observation and Concentration
  • How your mind sees
  • Effective Study Management
  • How to Recall What You Have Learned, but Forgotten
  • Ideal Study Periods for Maximum Understanding and Memory Retention
  • Your Memory Retention Cycle
  • How to Recall and Revise
  • See full details on the Contents Page



even more

Additional Critical Information to further help you:

  • Stress, Relaxing and controlling your Mind
  • About our Powerful Brain and how it Works
  • Web Notes/Mind Maps – Taking Notes for Maximum Memory Retention
  • Setting Goals and Finding Motivation with our Busy Lifestyle
  • Reach for your Dreams

3 Courses for the price of 1

Normal Price £29.95 for the 3 courses

Today’s price only £9.95

3 Powerful Courses and More...

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Improve your brain skills or your money back

We guarantee that you will improve your Thinking, Learning, Memorising and Creative skills by simply just following this course.

All we ask is that you spend just 5+ minutes a day practicing the valuable tools learnt in this course.

If this course does not improve your brain skills in 60 days, then contact me immediately to get 100% of your money back.


Mammoth Memory, Lazy Learning and Power Thinking will be delivered as a PDF ebook.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read our course, it is available for free here

The PDF will be available via direct download and will open instantly in a new browser where Adobe Reader will download the book for you. 

The course is approximately 6 megabytes and will take 23 seconds with a 2 Mbps connection (download speeds may vary).